GALLILEO Business Consulting
Market research and Consulting in Strategic Marketing and Business Development


Une décision stratégique éclairée par une observation fiable de vos marchés



After graduating from ESSEC and founding GALLILEO, Nicolas BENOLIEL worked for MERCER MANAGEMENT CONSULTING / OLIVER WYMAN for a few years.
He developed the methodological side of GALLILEO’s intellectual capital, and particularly methodology for « MARKET RESEARCH », for « STRATEGY  issues » and for the efficiency of « OPERATIONS ».
He also establishes the relevant frameworks for the activities of SECTORIAL OBSERVATION & PANELS of GALLILEO.
He is expert in analyzing opportunities to position oneself on new markets, generating offers, analyzing portfolios, and more generally in all questions of strategic marketing and business development. He accompanies clients on issues such as Clients/Suppliers relationships in B-to-B or B-to-C, on the marketing and customer approach of medical professionals (doctors, pharmacists, opticians,…), on consumer reactions and behavior.
He leads projects within a very large range of sectors and strategic circumstances: health care, pharmacy, optics, utilities, equipment/fittings, consumer goods, Retail.