GALLILEO Business Consulting
Market research and Consulting in Strategic Marketing and Business Development

Une décision stratégique éclairée par une observation fiable de vos marchés

Founded in 2001, GALLILEO is a consulting firm and market research company that works for private companies as well as public structures and local governments. Since its creation, the development of GALLILEO has relied on rigorous analysis, on an entrepreneurial spirit and on ideas of what creates value and success in studying a market or counseling a client.

GALLILEO's founders very rapidly chose to focus on specific sectors of activity in which they have developed a thorough expertise and now offer a wide range of services combining both MARKET RESEARCH and CONSULTING.

Indeed, the services offered by GALLILEO deal with a great variety of issues: strategic marketing, business development, analyzing clients habits & practices or those of its competitors, assessing public policies or the impact of company actions, improving HR marketing/employer branding.

To do all this, GALLILEO relies on recognized skills:
-observation and study of the market (documentary research, qualitative studies, quantitative studies) -strategic analysis -evaluation and advice on decision-making.

Our approach has proved to be very successful, given that, since its creation, GALLILEO has maintained an impressive level of growth and has particularly managed to develop customer loyalty, evidence of a renewed trust in the quality of our services.